Andreas Techer

is a passionate collector. He collects sounds, tunes and melodies. It does not matter if it´s break beats, four-four-time or the floating deeps of the whole house universe. He keeps all those captivating sound structures in his musical diary. However, this not enough for him. What is stuck in his ear (acoustic passage=Gehörgang…), what actually moves him, shall infect others too.

For his live sets and studio productions, Techer deconstructs tone sequences and combines their components to atmospheric sound carpets. His productions are sometimes danceable, sometimes introverted and always full of melancholia. Before they are getting too gloomy a driving beat sets in to oppose that gloominess.

The collector becomes the creator of sensitive compositions which manage the balancing act between passion and order - all this through an extensive variety from memorable melodies to deep thunderstorms of bass sound.


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