For the 4th release from our beloved 'Ourselves' they've once again invited a group of friends to serve us up a healthy dose of tasty House and Disco. This time, originaltracks from Luvless, Snacks, Siggatunez und Jan Ketel are on the menu.
For starters we have Luvless from Leipzig whose prepared a floor stomper with a side of heavy drums paired with a warm chords- and stringsounds and a groovy bassline...completely love.
The Berlin duo Snacks appear for the first time on Ourselves with their track 'Sisters'. A delicious Disco snack that sounds like an effortless kitchen jam with an extremely funky aftertaste - you're tastebuds will be dancing. Hand played bass sprinkled over percussion, guitar licks and building up synths....hopefully you like your snacks authentic...they muste be true musicians...they are!!
The one love disco & funk and the other does Siggatunez. He cuts us up a vibraphonline and sends it on the chase with a chord so delectably deep that not even the side of fat drums can keep up with the bounce and speed it creates but finally gets it and breaks down the club.
Jan Ketel has prepared a desert that at first, tastes like a mere groovy tool but it soon opens up into something bigger and more hectic. It's like you gotta check in at Charles de Gaulle while in another moment the unmistakable flavour of a lush warm Rhodes appears...a timeless flavour, and one that you'll never
Format: vinyl, digital
Cat. Number: Ourselves - fluffy
Release: 02.11.2017