O‘RS Label

O‘RS is a fancier label, since 2011.

Ourselves is entering the third round.
But what can one expect from a house label?
With the V/A Homelike, you committ yourself to the mission of house music in all its various manifestations and take it to the floor.
Kicking off the ride is Sello`s “Loop My Ass“. Soulful vocals driven by massive kicks, string sounds and heavy bass. Simply timeless. What else could you want?
Jan Ketel & Siggatunez pick up the pace with “XY“.
Analog basslines and deep chords shake hands with shuffling hihats. No big hoo-ha. The focus is simply on groove and atmosphere.
The boys from Rose records, M.ono & Luvless, are making their debut on Ourselves with house music par excellence.
Funky and floating, the “Walnut Express“ keeps pushing through your speakers announcing party.
Lootbeg`s “Remembrin“ perfectly rounds up the release and lets you fly away. Hovering pads seemlessly interwoven with arp sounds and classical drums telling you that house is your home, simply homelike!


Format: vinyl, digital
Cat. Number: Ourselves – Homelike
Release: 18.04.2017