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O‘RS is a fancier label, since 2011.

Pandaro - Parasocial Activity EP

Long time friend, affiliate and now also co-operator of O*RS Pandaro finally unveils his debut EP. ‚Parasocial Activity‘ was a long time in the making and oh boy – it was worth the wait.

The release contains two originals as well as two remixes by Filburt and Credit 00.

The title track pulls you in utilizing breaky drums, a heavy bassline and long-drawn-out delay synths until it culminates with the help of some ravy chords. ‚Dune‘ straightens things out and marches forward to slightly darker areas of the dancefloor while its distinctive pad sound cloaks everything like a cosmic sandstorm. 

The Filburt remix of ‚Parasocial Activity‘ ditches the broken structure of the original and replaces it with a linear but tense arrangement. It takes some time for this gem to unfold but when the bassline finally hits you can practically feel Filburt’s 20+ years experience as a dancefloor conductor. Credit 00 takes a contrarious approach as he transforms the straight 4/4 beat of ‚Dune‘ into the breakiest of tracks you will hear on this release. The highlight here being very catchy synth lines he uses to top the ever simmering bassline.

Format: digital
Cat. Number: O*RS DIG 031
Release: 21.02.2020