O‘RS Label

O‘RS is a fancier label, since 2011.

simple: It just shows you the soft side of some of the most decent producers out there right now. Softeis is the growing desire of something different than the same beatport floor-oriented releases week after week. Filburt gathers all this producers around the table. There is Ron Deacon with a stunning jazz hop beauty. Daniel Stefanik with a piece of piano ambient. Also the infamous new project Red Panda from Berlin with a dystopic view. And rising talent Perel slow jams the shit out of you. One hour slow, ambient, glitch, balearic and trip hop and more artists like Panthera Krause, FreundDerFamilie, Matt Flores, Area, Jan Ketel, Ranko, Thomas Scholz, RJ, Deo & Z-Man and Filburt himself.
Format: vinyl, digital
Cat. Number: O*RS LP 002 / O*RS DIG 010
Release: 20.07.2015