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O‘RS is a fancier label, since 2011.

O*RS Think!
Truly celebrating with you. Sadly, this beautiful day in July always goes by way too fast. That’s why some of our close friends and members of the O*RS family have decided to extend that special summer feeling til at least the end of the year. On 11 exclusive tracks by Ranko, Pandaro, Yannick Labbé, Thomas Stieler, Jan Ketel & Siggatunez, Daniel Stefanik, Braunbeck, Lootbeg, Andreas Techer, Ron Deacon, F.D.M and label head Filburt we are celebrating TH!NK Festival with all of you!


Format: digital/cd
Cat. Number: O*RS CD 001/O*RS DIG 022
Release: 04.08.2017