O‘RS Label

O‘RS is a fancier label, since 2011.

In collaboration with Present Books we are happy to present you ‚Krätze‘ – a story accompanied by a soundtrack, both written by Yannick Labbé. 
Krätze is about all the dirt that is to be found beneath the polished surface of our little lives. The book, which was designed by our boy wonder Florian Seidel, evolves around a modern man living in circles. He is seemingly unable to confront his faults, so he distracts himself with superficial friendships, looking good on the outside and a lot of medication.
On the soundtrack Yannick boils down some dark Italo, some playful weird House, some dirty drums and basslines as well as relentless rhythms to a highly potent 5- tracker. There are some 6am basement rollers on this as well as tracks that can be played to accompany a sunrise at an open air beach stage. Yet they all have that certain two-sidedness in common, reflecting the idea of the book in a subtle way. 
Krätze is nasty. Krätze is dirty. Krätze is not easily explained. But a little Krätze lives inside all of us.

Format: book, digital
Cat. Number: O*RS DIG 028
Release: 28.06.2019